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Get the latest analysis from Roebling Research on new consumers in the e-cigarette market and find out what challenges brands and the industry face in winning their business. 

E-cigarettes on Trial: Consumer Insights from First-Time Vapers

With the growth of the e-cigarette market, more consumers than ever are trying vaping. Though some are trading their "analog" cigarettes for the "digital" version, many are not adopting the practice. For e-cigarette brands, that is opportunity lost. In this series of studies from Roebling Research, we analyze survey results from smokers who tell us about their first experiences with e-cigarettes. We'll examine why they started or why they stopped and how brands can improve their first impression.

Churn in the E-Cigarette Market 

This report examines the prevalence of churn among first-time users of e-cigarettes in the US market. To get a better understanding of the issue, we first asked adult smokers who had tried e-cigarettes about:

  • Motivations for first e-cigarette trial
  • Pre-trail information sources
  • First brand purchased
  • Product attributes considered during purchase
  • Plans for continued use

We then segmented these results by demographic and geographic data to gain an understanding of  who is churning through the marketing, why they are leaving, and how brands can reduce churn.

  • Report features 40 pages of analysis and 70+ charts and tables
  • Data features 361 survey responses including age group, gender, state, region, operating system, and browser type

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